Classified and Business Builders Ad Networks


The New England Newspaper & Press Association offers you a unique advertising service that is the answer to your dreams if you want to spread your marketing message far and wide, but need to do it very inexpensively. For what it would cost you to advertise in just one or a few newspapers, we can place your ad in large networks of newspapers all across the state(s) of your choice, the six-state New England region, or even elsewhere throughout the country.

Lots of smart marketers take advantage of this cost-efficient program, and you should, too! You can choose to run a classified ad or a small-space display ad that will appear in the pages of all the network newspapers during the course of a single week. You’ll get massive exposure for your message, and the price is remarkably low.

It’s an easy process - simply send us your ad (or we’ll create it for you for free), and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll make sure that it runs throughout the network, reaching your target prospects in the high quality, highly credible environment of their local daily or weekly newspaper. All you need to do is get ready to handle the BIG response!


For more information or to place your Classified or Business Builder ad in the network, please contact:

Dawn Orvis
p: 781.320.8052
f:  781.320.8055
Lynette Williams
p: 781.320.8050
f:  781.320.8055
Linda Conway
p: 781.320.8048
f:  781.320.8055
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