Hall of Fame - Curtiss Clark

Curtiss Clark

Curtiss Clark
The Newtown Bee

In 2007 Curtiss Clark was appointed editor of The Newtown Bee, the first person outside the Smith family to hold that position since 1880. The culminations of his work ethic and eloquent writings for the paper have set a standard in the company that is appreciated, not only by the staff, but also the readership. His writings and editorials have made a difference in how the newspaper is viewed by neighbors and townspeople, positive or negative. Curtiss was awarded the 2013 NENPA Allan B. Rogers Editorial Award for his editorial “Answering For Our Town” following the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012. How he handled his editorial staff, the public and all editorial contributions concerning the shooting is merely one example of the leadership and professionalism that he has demonstrated for more than 42 years at the paper.

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