Conferences, Conventions and Trade Shows

NENPA produces the New England newspaper industry’s annual convention and trade show each February, along with a special one-day conference each fall. These events offer professionals from all areas of the newspaper business an opportunity to explore, discuss and debate the pressing issues that the industry and their own publications are facing.

Top experts and practitioners in the publishing industry typically headline the program at these gatherings to present their views about emerging trends, advice on best practices, and their ideas for innovation. Representatives from NENPA member newspapers also share their experiences—including the results of their experimentation, lessons they’ve learned and recommendations. The convention includes instructional seminars, as well, so attendees have an opportunity to brush up on both the basic and advanced techniques of our profession.

These programs are offered at a very affordable price. NENPA is committed to providing all of its members—regardless of the size of their organization or amount of resources—with ready access to high quality professional development activities that consistently provide cutting edge ideas, strategic insight and a true competitive advantage.

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