New England Newspaper Directory

Having plenty of opportunities to tap into the expertise and advice of colleagues at other newspapers in the region is one of the most valuable benefits of NENPA membership.

Newspapers throughout New England share a kinship. They are allies in keeping our citizenry informed and protecting our collective freedom. Day-to-day they confront similar challenges, frustrations, opposition and opportunities. Regardless of the marketplace they serve, most newspapers tend to face the same type of obstacles as they try to produce high quality print and digital publications that turn a healthy profit.

This NENPA directory includes contact information for key personnel at newspapers throughout New England. It is continuously updated so that you’ll be able to quickly identify and contact your colleagues in order to share your ideas and experience or to seek advice.

Advertisers may use this directory, as well, to identify and contact publications throughout New England that can help them effectively achieve their marketing objectives.

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Industry Partners Directory

To be successful, newspapers need the services of high-quality suppliers. NENPA’s online Industry Partners Directory is a 24/7 one-stop resource that helps our members quickly and conveniently find complete information about capable vendors that can help them accomplish their objectives. The suppliers in our directory represent some of the best in the business – including some who offer the very latest technologies and state-of-the-art strategies. They offer products, services and solutions that respond to our members’ needs in all areas of their operations – including, news, advertising, circulation, production and business services.   

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